Kansas Legal Services, a statewide non-profit corporation, is dedicated to helping low income Kansans meet their basic needs through the provision of essential legal and mediation services.

KLS strives to eliminate the causes of poverty and mitigate its effects by helping individuals achieve and maintain self-sufficiency.

KLS served more than 25,000 individuals in all 105 counties last year through two mediation offices, one employment training site and eleven legal services offices located across the state.

Kansas Legal Services - 2015 Kansas Legal Needs Study

Kansas Legal Services 2014 Annual Report

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During the 1920's, the American Bar Association acknowledged the need for special assistance to the poor by creating a committee on legal aid. State and local bar associations worked over the following decades to promote legal aid societies to provide free legal services to the poor.

Early legal services supporters recognized the pledge of "Equal Justice Under the Law" cannot be realized as long as people with limited resources do not have access to the justice system.

In the mid-1960's, legal aid societies were formed in Topeka, Wichita and Kansas City. From the 1960's until 1974, the three Kansas legal aid societies operated under the authority of the Office of Economic Opportunity, Office of Legal Services. Authority for the legal services program was transferred to the newly formed Legal Services Corporation during 1975.

Through all of these changes in administrative authority and funding, the Kansas legal aid societies continued to provide free legal services to the poor in Kansas.

In 1977, the Kansas City, Topeka and Wichita legal aid societies merged to form Kansas Legal Services, Inc. Kansas Legal Services now has eleven legal services, two mediation and five employment training offices located across the state, and maintains an extensive retainer contract system with cooperating members of the Kansas Bar Association.

Please review our Annual Reports for more details about our programs and activities.


Left to right:  KLS Executive Director, Marilyn Harp, Jim Sandman, Legal Services Corporation President, and Dan Glazier, Executive Director, Legal Aid of Eastern Missouri, on the day that Marilyn Harp became President of the Midwest Project Directors in November, 2014.




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