Children's Advocacy Resource Center

The Children’s Advocacy Resource Center (CARC) has been a part of Kansas Legal Services since 1999. CARC is a statewide program providing comprehensive support and legal services to people serving and caring for homeless children and children involved in our state foster care system.  

CARC operates a toll-free helpline for foster youth.

Guardian Ad Litem-Foster Care Helpline 


Helpline staff provide free legal assistance to children in foster care, non-parent members of their families and others including guardians ad litem, social workers, foster or pre-adoptive parents, attorneys, and prosecutors.

Staff help remove barriers to permanent placements and assist individuals in understanding and navigating the complexities of child welfare law. 

Helpline staff also advise regarding legal issues related to children experiencing a disability, special education, mental and medical health referrals, education decisions, emancipation, independent living, and adoption.

Foster kids and aged-out youth in Kansas can get free IDs


On Your Own

Guide to Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities as an Adult is prepared as a public service by the Kansas Bar Association and the Kansas Bar Foundation.This booklet covers a few areas of the law that a person about to set out on his or her own, especially young people aging out of foster care. For instance, have you ever wondered what you should do if you have a car accident? Or what are your responsibilities and rights as a tenant? Or what your rights are if you are arrested? Or what you should look for in buying a car? Or what your legal obligations are if you get married? On Your Own gives you some answers.

CARC Resources

CARC offers resource books (please go to our Resources page to download copies) to help children going through the court system or aging out of foster care, including

·         “Alex Goes to Court," designed to help children understand the court procedures involved in Child-In-Need-of-Care (CINC) cases

·         “The Road Ahead,” for children ages six to twelve who are in an out-of-home placement, explaining to the child the possible results of their court proceedings; 

·         “Being a Kid Isn't Easy,”  addressing the emotional issues children encounter when their parents are divorcing; and

·         “Planning Your Future,” intended for children over twelve who are either anticipating or involved in aging out of the foster care system. Focuses on resources in northeast Kansas.


CARC Resources

CARC Newsletters

Getting guardianship of your grandchildren by Alexandra English, staff attorney in our Kansas City office, is a good guide for grandparents wanting to adopt their grandkids in Kansas. 

Thanks to the Legacy of Justice Foundation!

Kansas Legal Services thanks the Legacy of Justice Foundation for a grant that will allow us to reprint Alex Goes to Court for our Children's Advocacy Resource Center.

Alex Goes to Court, designed to help children understand the court procedures involved in Child-In-Need-of-Care (CINC) cases, has been a hugely popular coloring book for children and tool for Guardians ad Litem.


Left to Right, Janice Watkins, Paralegal, KLS' Children's Advocacy Resource Center, Willie Wiedwald and Valerie Hernandez at the table, coloring in the book "Alex Goes to Court," and Marilyn Harp, KLS Executive Director.


Should you have a legal question, a need for informational material, desire assistance with a case, or would like more information regarding the services CARC can provide, please contact us: 1-877-298-2674



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